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Today many companies and businesses employ marketing and Marcom professionals whose knowledge of digital marketing is quite limited. Subsequently, these companies end up having to hire freelancers to do their online marketing for them. But the main problem is that when the knowledge in your organization is limited, so is your control. So how can you be sure whether the work is done properly? Whether your budget is optimized? Whether you’re using all the digital tools that suit a business like yours? Hello, my name is Talia Gertman and I strongly believe in the motto:

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”.

Over the past 10 years, I have guided many local and international businesses through their transition from traditional to online marketing, prudently applying a wide range of digital tools and channels, with precise targeting of the clients’ audiences. Read more>>

Digital marketing projects

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Every website and every customer has differents needs. Some are relatively new business, some are well established and some are looking to explore new markets. Meet some of my customers and their specific internet marketing needs.

The training program

/The process

How does it work?
Your team’s training program is an annual process consisting of three stages:

  • The first stage involves learning the business and getting to know the marketing team. This stage can be held on an actual visit to the company or via Skype calls, screen sharing and other technological means that help us overcome geographical distance.


  • The second stage involves building an annual digital marketing plan that includes the various marketing channels suitable for your business. This plan will be discussed by the marketing team and once approved, we will start implementing it.


  • The third stage is ongoing – the team and I will hold regular weekly meetings and follow the marketing plan that we devised based on our studies, while I provide ongoing guidance and supervise the quality of the work.

By the end of the year, digital marketing will become an integral and major part of the company’s overall marketing plan, bringing in new customers and projects.

And what happens next?The digital marketing world changes every few months and new players appear on the scene every day. This brings about new tools, additional promotion methods, digital platforms, advertising channels and more. If you’ll wish to continue the guidance and consulting services, this option is always available to you.


Training your marketing or Marcom team/professional in your company. The training includes organic SEO and sponsored campaigns in all relevant channels. The training takes place once a week, with tasks and assignments given between sessions, all of which are related to your company’s website, it’s digital assets and its promotion in the digital media.


Ongoing consulting services to the company on aspects of digital marketing, regular review of the company website and suggestions for improvement. The service is suitable for businesses whose current online promotion is done at a basic level and who seek professional opinions and guidelines for the purpose of upgrading the company’s digital presence.


Taking overall responsibility for your website and promoting it in digital media, while applying all aspects of online marketing.
In this process, I will be working with your marketing manager, and based on his/her instructions we will conduct on-site and off-site optimization. All that while closely monitoring the ROI and the results according to your budget and needs.


With her professional approach, bursting positive energy, endless patience and pleasant demeanor, Talia was entrusted with the SEO, update and uploading of our four global websites. She guided us, explained through helpful video tutorials, advised on how to approach a problem with the best possible solution, doing all this with the most enjoyable conduct. With her assistance and guidance, this overwhelming process became manageable and even enjoyable at times. I would recommend Talia to anyone facing such a task.
Talia, I wanted to say thank you first!
All along you always gave me the feeling that you were beside me, that you cared about SAGE IT Technologies With every question and every issue I have addressed to you, I have always received an appropriate response and a positive attitude. It is not self-evident.
You are definitely a professional and I had the pleasure of working with you.
So again thanks for the assistance and the joint work, lots of success


/My entire career

2017 - PRESENT

Digital Marketing Consultant to international firms

Digital marketing Consultation and digital marketing training to marketing teams

Lecturer and developer of Amazon courses

Teaching digital marketing and eCommerce platforms such as Amazon and eBay.

2017 - PRESENT

Marketing Manager

Wisy Internet Marketing Agency

Application of digital marketing plans according to customer's marketing strategy, including mobile marketing and management of complex campaigns on various digital channels such as (but not limited to) Google Adwords campaigns, Facebook business pages, Facebook ads manager, LinkedIn, YouTube, newsletters, SEO on-site and off-site and more.

General Manager

Decopaint, Ltd.

Primary achievement: Recipient of Entrepreneur of the Year  (2010)


Intel University Program Manager

Intel Electronics, Ltd.

Intel Electronics first as project manager and then as Intel University program manager at Intel Kiryat Gat, Israel


Ph.D. Studies

Center for Futurism, Ben Gurion University

M.A in Education

Tel Aviv University

MA in E-Learning, participation in international OECD research team (Graduated with honors)


BA in Literature and Theater

Hebrew University, Jerusalem


Talia's blog

/Articles, presentations and tips

articles and presentations
Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Digital Marketing Overview 2019

Digital Marketing trends are rapidly changing and we need to adjust in a timely manner. This presentation is aimed to help your teams to get full coverage of Digital Marketing…

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